Let’s talk about a cosmetic procedure called lip augmentation

The process consists of injectable dermal fillers that help make your lips look
fuller, plumper, and softer.

The most common filler contains substances similar to hyaluronic acid, which is the natural substance found in the body that helps increase volume in the lips and face etc.

Not too long ago, collagen was the commonly injected for this procedure, but today’s
hyaluronic acid filler process is safer, and the effects last longer.


Okay. Let’s address the elephant – or more accurately, THE DUCK — in the room

Here’s what typically happens — People tend get used to the volume level and want to add a little more… and then just a little more…

For the most part, any time you go past the natural volume that your face requires, the lips are going to look botched. The idea – always – is to maintain a natural look without looking like you’ve altered what is already there.

Lip augmentation can be used as a corrective measure. For instance, some people have a much smaller upper lip than a bottom lip. The filler procedure can even it out. Other corrective measures can address lopsided lips, an incomplete bow, or an edge you’ve always wanted to arch.


It is crucial that you find a trusted professional

Success has everything to do with the hand that is doing the applying, whether it’s a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or even a nurse practitioner — You’ll want to find a professional who works with multiples, and knows how to customize the work depending on your end desire. Fillers, like paintbrushes, come in all different sizes and densities. For example, one filler may be a heavier weight, while another filler may be lighter.

If searching on the Internet, be sensitive to the testimonial pictures that are shown. Make sure the images are not photoshopped or altered in any way! Ultimately, look for polaroids, the plainest photos available taken in natural light, and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from people whose face work you admire.

On the lips themselves, look for smoothness. Ask yourself, “does it look natural?” Are there any bruises or markings?” What you are looking for are the end results. How did it turn out?


Do it in steps. Don’t go into your first procedure expecting anything but a natural look. Once the swelling comes down in the next day or so, you can gage if and where you want to continue. If you see bumps and lumps after the procedure, it means that the filler is too close to the surface of the lips and needs to be corrected.

Unhappy with the results? Know that fillers are not completely permanent. Most of them can be dissolved by an enzyme that your body naturally produces and dissolves. (Of course, everybody’s body chemistry is different and one filler might dissolve sooner on you than another, but for the most part, however, they are pretty standard across the board.)

Don’t worry! Lips always retain some degree of their original volume after the original injection. So even if you stop, your lips won’t sag or cave in. In fact, it’s been known that the HA injected into your lips can jump-start the production of more of this chemical in your body. That means retaining volume, naturally.

And PSST, menyou can consider this solution too!

Guys lips can become rough and wrinkly. The right filler can smooth that out, without increasing the volume or making you look more feminine. It can simply give the appearance of a more youthful mouth or make you look more polished. Again, the results are your choice!

As for what to expect after the procedure

Your lips won’t feel any different from your original set — if done correctly.

The procedure has become more common and the results are now more authentic looking than ever. So pucker up and look forward to your future lips, and hopefully lots of kisses too!